A Switch with Magical Transformation-Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series!

Published by Harmony June 23,2022

• Manage the business, not the network;

• Have a secure connection everywhere;

• Ability to solve problems today and in the future;

• Reduce errors and costs;

• Prepare for the future ...


Cisco DNA ™ can revolutionize your network capabilities, meet the challenges of change, and respond to new opportunities faster than ever. But with all this in front of you, are you ready for the next generation of networks?


As the saying goes, "If you want to do your best, you must first sharpen your tools." The "Xianxiangjia" that debuted today to help you is a switch that has the magic of transformation-Cisco Catalyst 9000 series of Cisco enterprise network switches.




Today I will explain the three models of Cisco Catalyst® 9000 series switches and their innovations. As a new campus network switch product customized by Cisco for the digital age, the entire series of Cisco Catalyst® 9000 is mainly composed of three switch models.


Cisco Catalyst 9300




The Catalyst 9300 is Cisco's flagship non-modular enterprise switching access platform for security, mobility, the Internet of Things, and the cloud. The 9300 series is the industry's first platform optimized for second-generation 802.11ac technology, and it supports:


• Supports 2.5 Gbps / multi-gigabit downlink and Cisco Permanent UPOE and PoE +;


• Supports high-density, second-generation 802.11ac wireless access points (48) in a single RU chassis


The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series has the most flexible uplink architecture and supports multiple specifications including 1 Gbps, multi-gigabit, 10 Gbps, and 40 Gbps. The platform includes a variety of multi-gigabit, 2.5 Gbps, and 1 Gbps copper Ethernet switches that provide 80 Gbps uplink bandwidth, as well as 480 Gbps stacking and power stacking.


Cisco Catalyst 9400




The Catalyst 9400 is Cisco's flagship modular enterprise switching access platform for security, mobility, the Internet of Things, and the cloud.


• The platform provides investment protection through a chassis architecture capable of supporting up to 9 Tbps system bandwidth;


• With the industry's highest density UPOE port, it can provide excellent power supply scale;


• In addition, it can achieve first-class high performance with software upgrades in service (ISSU), NSF / SSO, uplink resilience, power N + 1 / N + N redundancy, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Usability.


This enterprise-specific platform features an innovative dual serviceable fan tray design and lateral ventilation architecture. At approximately 16 inches deep, it can even fit into a closet. A single system can be expanded to a maximum of 384 access ports with multiple port types including multi-gigabit, 1 Gbps copper SFP, 10 Gbps SFP +, Cisco UPOE, and PoE +.


Cisco Catalyst 9500




The Catalyst 9500 is Cisco's flagship dedicated non-modular core / aggregation enterprise switching platform for security, mobility, IoT, and the cloud. The Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series Switches are the industry's first 40 Gbps switches tailored specifically for enterprise campuses, providing extraordinary table size and buffering performance for enterprise applications.


• The platform includes a variety of non-blocking 40 Gbps (quad-channel small package hot-swappable [QSFP]) and 10 Gbps (SFP +) switches, which can meet different campus requirements with fine port density


• Support for advanced routing and infrastructure services, SD-Access boundary functions, and network system virtualization (via StackWise® virtualization technology), which are critical to its role at the core of the campus;


• The platform also supports all basic high-availability features such as hot patching, smooth insertion and removal (GIR), non-disruptive forwarding with state switching (NSF / SSO), redundant power supplies, and fans.


In order to adapt to the ever-changing network changes, Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches are also insisting on optimization and adjustment. The main innovations are as follows:




Next-generation UADP ASIC


UADP ASIC is an ASIC chip that can rewrite the process flow. The original version was used on the existing Catalyst 3650/3850 switch. Since its withdrawal in 2013, the Catalyst 3650/3850 switch uses the features of the UADP rewrite process flow. Add new functions and features to the switch platform, including AVC (Application Visualization), MPLS, VXLAN, and so on. This feature of UADP makes the functions of the campus network switch more flexible, and it is possible to protect the customer's investment to the greatest extent. The UADP 2.0 ASIC used by the Catalyst 9000 series switches has inherited this feature and has become more powerful.




Intel CPU


Catalyst 9000 series switches are the first models to use Intel CPUs for campus network switches. The use of Inter CPU can make Catalyst 9000 series switches become a distributed computing unit and run small programs of third parties. Whether in security analysis scenarios, IOT edge computing scenarios or data collection scenarios, Catalyst 9000 series switches can carry more Broad functionality. At the same time, the Catalyst 9000 series switches can also expand external SSD hard disks, allowing more virtual machines or third-party programs to be stored locally and run locally.




Extended security features


In the digital age, security has become a challenge that the entire IT system needs to face uniformly. The Catalyst 9000 series switches have completely optimized the security functions from the hardware architecture. Not only can the line-speed AES256 / MACSEC256 encryption be used to transmit data, At the same time, it can also analyze encrypted traffic, such as HTTPS, SSH, etc., so that the security attack behavior hidden in the encrypted traffic has nothing to hide.




IOT support


The Internet of Everything is the biggest driving force in the digital age. As Cisco's new campus network switch platform, the Catalyst 9000 has a large number of built-in IOT / IOE support capabilities. In terms of power supply capabilities, the Catalyst 9000 switch can support up to 60W UPOE power supply capability per port, providing power supply support for IOT / IOE devices, and also providing IoT convergence related protocols such as AVB / 1588 and service discovery.


We believe that through the technological precipitation and innovative genes of Cisco in the industry for many years, the new Catalyst 9000 series switches can provide everyone with the best campus network switching platform to help you meet the challenges of the digital age.