Cisco unlocks the endless potential of the new network

Published by Harmony April 25,2022

• The Cisco Career Certification Program continues to evolve, bringing together network talent and software developers to create collaborative communities to build the IT future team.


• Cisco certification and training programs now include DevNet certification, designed for network talents and software developers to optimize and write applications for new networks, while choosing the technical skills they want to develop.


• Network automation is one of the biggest challenges facing IT. The DevNet Automation Switching Center provides a shared code base for network automation use cases and uses a "walk-and-run-fly" approach to guide the team in deployment. Network automation best practices are developed by industry experts; the code follows a model developed by the community and managed by Cisco Screening.




June 17, 2019 —— To drive technological innovation and accelerate business development, Cisco is transforming the role of network talent and software developers. As Cisco reshapes the future of network technology, DevNet (the Cisco Developer Platform) brings software developers and certified network talents together in the same community to enable a high degree of collaboration and sharing of best practices, and to create a new realm of automation capabilities. In addition, Cisco is introducing industry-changing expansion plans for its professional certifications. The program is geared toward network talent and software developers, and a new community-based developer center is set up to accelerate the adoption and implementation of network automation.


Cisco intent-based networking has radically changed the role of the network in the business and changed the way the network is built. The role of network technology talent has changed, from handling manual, time-intensive tasks to entering a world where IT, DevOps, and applications work in concert with cloud developers. In order to take full advantage of the endless potential of the new network, organizations must use software practices, network technology and software skills, and a participatory community to solve various technical challenges together.


Susie Wee, senior vice president, chief technology officer and founder of Cisco DevNet, said: "Network technology has undergone major changes over the past five years. New networks can accelerate business development, enable new applications, and bring DevOps practices to the network." "We are introducing software skills to the network technology industry through the new Cisco DevNet certification. In addition, we are building a community of network practitioners and developers to work together to solve difficult network automation issues and share software practices through shared code base Network technology. This will enable our industry to take full advantage of the capabilities of the new network to accelerate business development. "


Introducing software practices into network technology: using community power to accelerate network automation. 


Network is the backbone of today's digital business, but network automation is still one of the biggest challenges facing IT. With the new developer community of the Cisco DevNet Automation Switching Center, Cisco's intent-based networking portfolio enables large-scale secure network automation. The DevNet Automation Switching Center has a shared code base of network automation use cases. The Cisco community of developers, network technologists, partners, and customers can actively contribute software and build an industry-leading network automation code base. 


DevNet automation switching center guides the team to deploy based on the "walk-run-fly" approach to achieve network automation and intent-based networks.


• Go: Gain visibility and insight into the network. This enables use cases to provide things such as collecting telemetry and insights from a running network, and performing audits to ensure continuous network security.


• Run: Activate policies and intents across different network domains. This enables use cases to provide self-service network operations that comply with security policies and operational guidelines. 



• Fly: Use DevOps workflows to proactively manage applications, users, and devices. This enables use cases to deploy applications in a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) pipeline when the network is configured according to a new application policy.


In the Cisco community of network experts and software developers, the DevNet Automation Switching Center is built on their deep expertise to facilitate collaboration and create automation best practices for their industry.


Bringing Software Skills to Network Technology: New Cisco Certification Creates IT Future Team.


The use of programmable network infrastructure to solve business challenges is a growing opportunity for innovation. However, in order to take advantage of this opportunity, partners and customers must form teams with appropriate software practices and network technology backgrounds to optimize their networks and drive innovation.

​"As network technology changes at an unprecedented rate, network engineers and software developers must work together to build an IT future team," said Mike Adams, vice president of training and certification at Cisco. "For 25 years, Cisco certification has helped More than 1.7 million network professionals worldwide have started their careers, demonstrated their technical capabilities, built career paths with relevant skills, and maintained market competitiveness. The Cisco certification program now aims to enable IT teams to optimize network and application performance and enable their businesses Take advantage of today's fast-changing digital world. "


Cisco is developing its certification and training programs, with a focus on training network engineers and software developers to optimize new networks. New training and certification programs quickly track the knowledge required for network talent to develop in new areas based on key principles such as leadership, agility and value. New Cisco certifications include:


• New DevNet Certification – Certified software talents, including DevNet Engineer, DevNet Senior Talent, and DevNet Senior Talent Certification. DevNet certification is for skilled software developers and network engineers who develop applications and automate workflows for operating networks and infrastructure.


• Simplified Cisco certifications – engineering talent for enterprise architecture, data centers, service providers, security, and collaboration, including Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCNA®), Cisco Advanced Talent Certification, Cisco Certified Network Senior (CCNP®) ) And Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCIE®) certification.



• Cisco Networking Academy expands training for entry-level network talent and software developers. These courses help students obtain Cisco Certified Network Engineer (CCNA®) and DevNet Engineer certifications to prepare them for the high-demand jobs in the IT industry.


The new Cisco certification helps organizations build teams with software expertise and infrastructure expertise, enabling them to take full advantage of new network capabilities to accelerate business development. The DevNet Automation Switching Center leverages the strengths of Cisco network technology talents and software developers to adopt a software-driven, community-based approach to creating network automation solutions. The Cisco Networking Academy will train students to develop software and network technology skills that leverage the new network to help Cisco partners and customers build their workforce.