Tianyida Technologies Limited

Published by Harmony June 23,2022

Tianyida Technologies Limited referred to as( TIANYIDA). TIANYIDA Technolgies is an information technology company, has always been committed to creating first - class products and services to achieve own social value, and promote the development of information technology; Through down - to - earth, hard work, and create work for the social progress to contribute their own strength. After years of efforts, our customers are located in the Middle East, Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and other countries, and happy long - term cooperation. The company has been the operation control and high technology product innovation to lead and promote the development of China′s information technology and information services industry for the financial, government, telecommunications, agriculture and manufacturing and other key industries to provide technical services, agricultural information, development of application software, financial special equipment and integrated solutions and other professional IT services for 9 years. To cloud computing, large data technology to support, to focus on product and platform, the layout of the industry internet, to promote cross-border integration, the construction of industrial services, new ecology, professional services and responsible attitude to provide users with integrated IT services.

Our mission - to the progress of information technology, to creat value for the community.

Our vision - the pursuit of excellence, sustainable development, to achieve common success of customer, employees and shareholders.

Our code of conduct - customer to be firstly, honest and trustworthy, have the courage to play, unity and cooperation, dedicated to enterprising.

Our values - honesty, hard work, share weal or woe.