Cisco opens new wireless era with Wi-Fi 6

Published by Harmony August 21,2020

As a new standard for Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) is redefining the various possible conditions that enterprises can achieve. Cisco recently announced the launch of innovative solutions to help customers meet the new era of wireless connectivity. 's arrival Helping businesses start a new era of immersive wireless experiences while easily connecting billions of dollars in goals. And, Cisco introduced a campus core switch built specifically for cloud-level networks, expanding the industry's broadest campus network product portfolio. By combining powerful automation and analysis software with a complete embedded campus switch, access point, and controller array, Cisco provides the vendor's only end-to-end wireless-first architecture.




Like 5G, these new standards are based on fundamental wireless innovations that will reshape how businesses and consumers interact with the world. In addition to being significantly faster than the previous generation of products, Wi-Fi 6 will increase the carrying capacity by 400%, and it is more suitable for large-scale and gradually improved greatly, which can realize near real-time use cases. Ultimately, Wi-Fi 6 can also reduce the power consumption of connected device batteries, providing a more predictable user experience overall.


Recently, Cisco announced a number of products and partnerships designed to ensure that businesses can provide a truly smooth and uninterrupted wireless experience.


• Wi-Fi 6 access points: New access points in the Catalyst and Meraki portfolio add more features to the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. With custom programmable chipsets and industry-leading analytics, Cisco's latest access points provide smarter, more secure wireless networks. The new access point also supports multiple languages ​​and can communicate with multiple IoT protocols, including BLE, Zigbee, and Thread.

• Core switches for campus networks: Cisco's Catalyst 9600 core switch series further enhances performance levels and lays a solid foundation for successful network operations. To provide the most secure and efficient wireless experience, businesses need a network architecture that combines wired and wireless. The Catalyst 6000 is the most successful network product in the history of the Internet. As the next-generation evolution product of the Catalyst 6000, the Catalyst 9600 will become the cornerstone of the next-generation intent-based business network.


• New developer resources: Wi-Fi 6 and 5G foreshadow invaluable business opportunities for developers. To enable them to create the immersive experience promised by these new connections, Cisco introduced the DevNet Wireless Dev Center. As a Cisco developer network, DevNet provides the learning lab, sandbox, and developer resources needed to create disruptive wireless applications. The Cisco Catalyst and Meraki access platforms have been open and programmable up to the chipset level, enabling applications to take advantage of network programmability in exciting new ways.

• New Ecosystem Partnership: Prior to the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 access points, Cisco completed interoperability tests with Broadcom, Intel, and Samsung to address the inevitable gaps brought by the new standards. Samsung, Boingo, GlobalReach Technology, Presidio and others are expected to join the Cisco OpenRoaming project to address one of today's biggest wireless pain points. The Cisco OpenRoaming project aims to make it easier and safer for seamless, secure jumps between Wi-Fi and LTE networks and on-board public Wi-Fi. "Every leap in connectivity brings the next wave of profound innovation. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 represent a new era of connectivity," said David Goeckeler, Cisco's executive vice president and general manager of the Network and Security Business Unit. Developers The next generation of immersive wireless-first experiences has begun. As billions of things are connected to the network, this growth will bring unprecedented complexity to IT. Cisco is building a multi-domain network architecture to simplify IT complexity, Enable CIOs to achieve their innovation agenda. "


Wireless priority, cloud-driven, data optimization


Wi-Fi 6 and 5G represent huge opportunities, but at the same time, enterprises are also required to meet severe challenges. Where we work today, the workplace is where we are. Users are more dependent on the mobile experience and cannot tolerate downtime. To meet these requirements, the network must have the following characteristics:


• Wireless priority: Today, mobile technology can drive economic growth anywhere, making employee collaboration, customer shopping, and student learning easier. To deliver a great wireless experience, IT needs to go beyond Wi-Fi and create a comprehensive end-to-end experience that drives consistent security, reliability, and performance.


• Cloud-driven: The cloud has achieved unprecedented scale. Cisco uses the cloud to deliver new innovations faster. The cloud also helps IT move from passive to proactive, helping to solve problems and avoid affecting users by gaining global insights and providing best practices.

• Data optimization: The network can provide millions of data points, providing background information about users, their experiences and weaknesses. Through powerful analysis, we can unlock new solutions to optimize IT operations, support better business decisions, provide innovative security solutions, and attract customers in a more effective way. Over the past two years, Cisco has established an intent-based networking product portfolio to help customers meet future challenges. Designed for intent-based networks, Cisco's new access points and campus switches represent the brilliant results of Cisco's reshaping of its overall access portfolio.


Product launch time and service


• Catalyst access points and Catalyst 9600 will be available for order at the end of May 2019; Meraki access points will be available for order in June 2019.


• The Cisco Wireless and Switched Customer Experience Project is designed to accelerate the deployment of next-generation intent-based networking solutions, reducing risk and reducing disruption. The Cisco Customer Experience portfolio provides professional guidance, best practices, and innovative tools that make it easier and more confident for customers to complete the transition. It also allows them to innovate faster, stay competitive, gain more value, and realize a faster return on investment.